Our Mission


  • Endeavor to deliver exceptional tenant support, from lease initiation, through planning and occupancy, for the term of your lease.
  • Offer tenants high quality property selections in multiple locations with functionality and appearance as key metrics.
  • Support tenants with prime vendor options for timely and cost-effective customizing of their office and warehouse space.
  • Build and nurture our tenant relations, which in turn enhances the overall value of the relationship for the length of their lease.
  • Become recognized as a preeminent property developer, owner, and manager of high quality industrial real estate.

Our Purpose

We’re passionate about real estate that drives industry. With decades of collective experience, we have unique insight into the functional requirements that are essential for efficient industrial sites, as well as locations that support access and growth into the future. Our mandate is to develop high quality properties that help drive the engine of the world – industry, and delivering expert leasing support from lease initiation through to planning and occupancy.

Want to learn more?

Please reach out to the Daniels Property Group team with any inquiries. enquiry@daniels-propertygroup.com