About us.

Daniels Property Group was formed in 2019, and from its inception it has focused on identifying profitable properties which satisfy our tenant requirements and investment metrics, all while building out a substantial property portfolio value now and into the future. With a focus on industrial properties, Daniels Property Group has developed properties around the world, all chosen with a particular focus on location and quality. 

Daniels Property Group proudly celebrates over 4 years of excellence in acquiring and tenanting properties in Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States. Adhering to our company mission of providing holistic value and execution to our tenants and stakeholders, we have agressively pursued property acquisitions in high growth industrial areas that meet our tenants requirements in a high grade industrial build. Central to our mission is not only the strategic furthering of our property portfolio, but developing strong lifelong partnerships while multiplying the revenue effectiveness of our tenants.  




Daniels Property Portfolio


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Please reach out to the Daniels Property Group team with any inquiries. enquiry@daniels-propertygroup.com